Pink Light Healing and Beauty



  • A healing and beauty center that offers comprehensive acupuncture and esthetician services in a peaceful, serene environment with an emphasis on holisitic health. We understand health and beauty to be an individual experience, with each client being their own expert about their body. Each treatment and service is meant to be pleasant, positive, and focused on improving a client's personal wellness inside and out.
  • Pink Light Healing & Beauty (PLHB) is on the ground floor. We are not ADA compliant but there is space for patients with wheelchairs and a grab bar in the bathroom. In addition, PLHB is NOT scent free. There are products used and sold here that may contain essential oils, particularly rose and lavender. We do use free and clear unscented laundry detergent, bathroom soap, and cleaning supplies. Sage, mugwort (moxa), sweetgrass, and palo santo are burned in the space but not necessarily during every visit. If you have any questions or concerns about access please contact practitioner directly. 


Amber Woods, Licensed Esthetician and Certified Western Herbalist: Amber shares the Pink Light Healing & Beauty space. She combines healing with skin care to create products and services rooted in deep beauty. She offers organic facials, waxing, and consulations on holistic skin care. Her product line, Pink Light Botanicals, is formulated and hand-crafted with organic, whole plant ingredients and infused with essences of gemstones and California flowers to create a line that is truly natural, effective, and unique.  See her beautiful work and follow Pink Light Botanicals on Instagram @pinklightbotanicals Book an Appointment with Amber here



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